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well well well... I will go dоwn with this ship why one of them must be SOOO OOC so that second-one can be perfect??7 because they don`t belong together OH SHUT UP INNER VOICE i`m so happy and a mess and I don`t know what to do just leave me be, leave me here crying and my tears are WHY THEY JUST CAN`T BE HAPPY I WANNA THEM TO BE HAPPY WHY SUCH THINGS KEEP HAPPENING

shipping is pain
shipping dofladile is pain in the ass heart

Crocodile, Doflamingo, one-sided, blind Doflamingo au
“Just once.”

Crocodile’s nose was large and pointed. Doflamingo felt it wrinkle under his touch as if Crocodile was reacting to a foul odor.

And then there was his brow. It was furrowed, and Doflamingo took a moment to feel each and every crease in it, to note his thin eyebrows, to rub where his nose and forehead connected. He couldn’t control his smile.

Crocodile was perfect.

and there we are, me and fowo

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